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The leader in water treatment for
Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial use.

Since 1955 we have been helping customers find the right water treatment options for their water problems. We offer a full line of water treatment supplies and equipment, including filtration systems, filters, parts and chemicals. Our water professionals are fully trained and certified by the Water Quality Association, making them uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat your water.

For more than 60 years, it has been our commitment to provide the consumer, as well as the homebuilding/construction industry, with the best available technology, to achieve the desired water quality, at the least cost to the consumer. Atlantic Filter's products have outperformed and outlasted the competition, year after year! Today we are "The Name Consumers Have Learned To Trust" when it comes to water treatment.

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Atlantic Filter offers a full range of water services for residential uses. From new system installations and identifying and solving water problems

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Atlantic Filter offers a full range of water services for commercial, residential and industrial uses. From new system installations and identifying

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Water Testing

Treating your water begins with finding out what’s wrong with it. Atlantic Filter’s water lab provides free testing and diagnosis of your water.

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Pool & Spa Care

Atlantic Filter has teamed up with BioGuard to provide our customers with the experience they’ve come to trust for their pools and spas. Our high

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