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Atlantic Filter Corporation - Commercial Services 



Atlantic Filter offers a full range of water services for commercial, residential and industrial uses. From new system installations and identifying and solving water problems to regular servicing of your water systems, we have the equipment and the expertise to keep your water flowing pure and clean.

Homeowners, businesses and government facilities alike rely on Atlantic Filter for their water treatment needs. Our extensive experience in all types of water treatment systems has made Atlantic Filter the company to call for big and small water problems. From foul-tasting drinking water at home to environmental issues with municipal water systems, Atlantic Filter has the experience to effectively treat even the most difficult water problems.

45thtourAtlantic Filter Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of quality water treatment equipment for residential, commercial and institutional use. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, Atlantic Filter’s corporate facility encompasses more than 25,000 square feet of office, laboratory, manufacturing, and warehouse space. Atlantic Filter’s products are distributed throughout authorized water treatment professionals and plumbing professionals/distributors throughout Florida and the Southern U.S. In addition, our products are distributed throughout the Caribbean, and into Latin America.
For more than 50 years it has been our commitment to provide the consumer, as well as the water treatment professional, with the best available technology to achieve the desired water quality at the least cost to the customer. Atlantic Filter’s products have been proven to perform better and to outlast the competition year after year! Today, we are “The Name You Have Learned To Trust” when it comes to residential & commercial water treatment!

Ion Exchange Systems
AFC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ion exchange systems for residential and commercial water softening, dealkalization and demineralization applications. Top mounted and side mounted system designs are available with rated capacities from 30,000 grains up to 3,000,000 grains. Systems requiring larger capacities can be designed in multiple configurations, thus allowing for unlimited sizing capabilities. Systems flow rates may be designed to meet specific flow requirements of each individual application.ESSSRS2013
AFC systems are designed for each specific application, from residential “user friendly” homeowner use or “highly technical” manufacturing applications and requirements, to demanding, tough industrial installations and environments.
All of Atlantic’s ion-exchange systems are available in multiple unit configurations to provide for stand-by capability, continuous operation or higher system flow rates and capacities. Systems may be designed to operate utilizing programmable time-clocks, demand initiated meters or pressure-differential sensing devices. Whatever the application may require, Atlantic Filter stands ready to assist you with arriving at the proper design.
Filtration Systems
Water treatment applications for pH neutralization & correction, removal of VOC’s, organic chemicals, taste & odors, hydrogen sulfide, iron, color, manganese, turbidity and chlorine are handled effectively and efficiently by Atlantic Filter’s line of fully automatic, pressure-media filters. Single-unit flow capacities from 2 gpm (3,000 gpd) to more than 200 gpm (300,000 gpd) are in stock and readily available. All systems are complete with NSF-approved, UL-listed, fiberglass reinforced pressure vessels. Epoxy lined steel tanks and ASME coded tanks are available upon request.
All of Atlantic’s pressure-media filtration systems are available in multiple unit configurations to provide for stand-by capacity, continuous operation or higher system flow requirements and capacities. Systems may be designed to operate utilizing programmable time-clocks, demand-initiated meters or pressure-differential sensing devices.
Atlantic Filter also offers a complete line of cartridge filtration systems with flow rates as low as 0.25 gpm to over 800 gpm. These filters feature positive filtration to any standard micron rating that may be required for the specific application. Systems are available in high density polypropylene and stainless steel.
Ultra-Filtration Systems

Atlantic Filter distributes a line of ultra-filtration membrane systems designed to provide a physical barrier to block impurities. These are commonly referred to as Central Water Purifiers. These systems use membranes to block bacteria, cysts, viruses and cloudiness from the treated water being supplied to the home or business. Ultra-filtration systems remove particles 
hr2500lowresdown to 0.02 microns. Ultra-filtration systems do not reduce the TDS of the water, thus allowing healthy minerals to pass through the hallow fiber membranes. These systems are used to treat water of unknown microbiological quality to make the water potable. For example, Ultra-filtration is used to treat water that has been previously treated, but may have become microbiologically contaminated during its distribution (e.g. water main breaks, aging distribution pipes etc.)

Reverse Osmosis Systems
Atlantic Filter manufactures membrane separation systems for ultra pure water applications, including our quality line of “HERO” reverse osmosis systems which are designed for residential and light commercial applications. These systems operate on normal city water pressure (low pressure) or may be pump-driven (high pressure). 
These systems are available in brass or stainless steel configurations. Systems are designed to be “user friendly,” compact, wall mount or free standing systems with daily production rates from 15 gpd to over 10,000 gpd. Each reverse osmosis system is designed for trouble-free operation, high TDS reduction, maximum water recovery and optimal membrane life.
Since 1970’s, Atlantic Filter’s “HERO” reverse osmosis systems have earned the respect of hundreds of water treatment professionals throughout the world as a product they can rely on to perform day in and day out. Custom designs and larger system capacities are available through Atlantic Filter’s sales department.
Chemical-Free Scale Protection Systems
Atlantic Filter was one of the first to offer exciting new science and technology to the water treatment industry with the introduction of NEXT filtration technologies’ ScaleStop filtration 
chromescalestop1190twinuv1systems. ScaleStop does not require chemicals such as sodium, potassium, acids or phosphates to produce a scale free effect in water distribution systems and especially water heating equipment. ScaleStop is a far simpler “physical water treatment” and offers an effective alternative to “conventional water softening.” The process is referred to as Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) and ScaleStop neither adds or removes and chemicals from the water. Electricity and salts are not required for these systems to operate, thus eliminating virtually all maintenance costs. ScaleStop systems are available in a multitude of sizes, from under counter (low flow) applications to institutional (high flow) applications and requirements.
Package Treatment Systems
Atlantic Filter provides complete “Turn-Key” treatment solutions to client’s water quality problems. Since 1955, all Atlantic Filter systems and equipment are backed by our many years of skidlowresequipment and process experience with residential, community, commercial and institutional treatment applications. Custom-engineered package treatment systems are available through Atlantic Filter in capacity ranges up to 500,000 gpd. Packaged “Turn-Key” systems offer the user the opportunity to obtain lower costs, higher operating efficiencies and single vendor responsibility.
Atlantic Filter has extensive experience in packaging these custom water treatment systems to meet specific client needs. From critical manufacturing end-use requirements, to water vending and bottling, to non-community public water systems; Atlantic Filter can design the best packaged system to suit you individual needs and requirements.
Technical and Service Support
Atlantic Filter offers complete sales and service support before, during and after the sale. Our fully trained staff includes WQA Certified Water Treatment Specialists, Certified Service Representatives and trained customer service personnel. The company conducts employee, water treatment dealer and customer service training programs on an ongoing basis, allowing Atlantic Filter to remain a leader of new technologies in the water treatment industry.
Factory repair services by certified technicians, on-site emergency repair services, as well as a complete inventory of repair parts warehoused and on hand for immediate delivery make Atlantic Filter the local choice when sourcing a supplier for your critical water treatment needs. Start-up services and operator training are also available, as well as preventative maintenance and annual service contracts.
AFC Systems Applications
AFC’s client list numbers in the thousands and spans the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean Islands. AFC systems are now installed and functioning successfully in critical potable water and high purity water treatment applications for major hospitals, restaurants, private and public clubs, hotels and motels, small community and non-community water supplies, the power industry, the food and beverage industry, the electronics and semi-conductor industries, the pharmaceutical industry and many other manufacturing and service industries throughout the world.
Some of the products we manufacture & distribute for residential, commercial and institutional use include:
Water Conditioners
Taste & Odor Filters
Color Removing Filters
Iron & Sulphur Filters
Reverse Osmosis & Ultra-filtration Systems
Chemical Feed Pumps, Chemicals & Solution Tanks
Filtration Controls & Media
Ion Exchange Components & Media
Control Valves & Mineral Tanks

Atlantic Filter Corporation is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. AFC warrants the equipment and systems it supplies to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year after shipment.