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Atlantic Filter's line of Spot-Free Rinses are compact and portable.  Use for window washing, car, boat, or rv washing. These durable units are among the highest quality wash-down systems on the market today.  A true workhorse in a small convenient package. Providing soft conditioned water with built in cartridge recharge feature for continuous service over the course of many years.


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Soft, conditioned water for a "spot-free" final rinse after wash down.

Greatly reduced water spotting on metalwork, windows, glassware & expensive exterior finishes.

 Saving on cleaning products 

 Reduced wash down time and wear & tear on expensive finishes

 A compact, truly portable, user-friendly system 



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Portable Spot-Free WRS100 Boat Rinse:

Atlantic's line of Spot-Free Boat Rinses begins with the portable WRS100. These durable units are among the highest quality marine wash-down systems on the market today. The WRS100, Atlantic's 10,000-grain system, is a true workhorse in a smaller convenient package


Portable Spot-Free WRS185 Boat Rinse:

Atlantic's WRS185, an 18,000-grain system, is the big brother to the WRS100. Same tough components, same high-quality design, and still portable, but in an industrial-size package for the truly big marine jobs.