Atlantic Filter’s Water Softening systems are designed to remove Hardness (Calcium & Magnesium), Iron, and Color in your water.

Water Softening systems are available in numerous configurations and sizes, all of which are designed to suit each homeowner’s specific needs.

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Ultra & Nano Filtration Systems

For years homeowner’s have been looking for solutions to provide whole-house water purification. Unfortunately, their dream of bringing clean, pure, great tasting water to every tap in the house has remained just that…a dream. Thanks to innovative technology the dream of getting purified water throughout the home has today become a reality.

Utilizing the same technology used by large-scale water treatment plants around the world, Atlantic Filter’s nanofiltration & ultrafiltration systems are compact, self-contained & specifically designed for home water systems. With one of these systems installed on your home’s main water line you will have clean, purified, great tasting water from every tap in the home.

These systems can be used for well water applications, cistern water applications & municipally treated water applications. We manufacture & stock both nanofiltration system & ultrafiltration systems as well as a complete supply of accessories. Atlantic Filter offers you a wide selection of choices and will be happy to assist you with selecting the proper system for your application.
NOTE: At this time please contact us directly for product specifications & current pricing.

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