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Atlantic filter news & blog

Learn about the latest in water treatment

Atlantic filter news & blog

Learn about the latest in water treatment

Learn more with Atlantic Filter News and Blog Posts.

10 Facts To Know When Using Chlorine Pellet Feeders On Well Water Systems

When it comes down to it, inexpensive chlorine pellet feeders that are unable to regulate how much chlorine is introduced into the water supply are just not an ideal form of treatment in our area. To find out what it will take to upgrade your current... READ MORE


Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water - The Myths And The Facts

In the July 2019 issue of Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine there is a great article written by Gary Battenberg and Peter Cartwright, PE that discusses this exact topic in greater detail. Titled "Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water: The Myths... READ MORE


PIONEER Whole-House Lead & Cyst Removal System

Here at Atlantic Filter Corporation we stay committed to helping you love your tap water. That is why we are proud to announce a new, first of its kind whole-house water system certified for lead and cyst removal. Now introducing, the PIONEER™ from... READ MORE


How To Prevent Excessive Scale Build-Up In Your Hot Water Heater

Limestone generally accounts for a large portion of hardness, with Calcium and Magnesium making up the lion’s share. These are the minerals responsible for most of the water spots you see on your dishes or shower doors. This hardness is also the ma... READ MORE